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Turi Avola was born in Herford (Germany) at 09th of August 1977 a city located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest. On the age of 5 family decided to be back in the Italy homeland moving to Giarratana, a small village in South Oriental Sicily. This change generate to him an explosion of creativity having as future result the interest for a lot of art forms. The simple and correct way of living and the big contrast between the German's grey sky and the bright land of the sun Sicily, generate in the Artist the need to draw, paint... create. On the other hand the monotony of the life in a small village, took the Artist to find creative alternative to watch the life. He started to create small and simple woodcarving as hobby having them as different approach on the common street life. During school, the Artist, completely left the art interest. When the study has been concluded Avola decided to move to Rome watching the city as better opportunity for having a job and sustainable life. It was 2004 and again with an environment change the Artist started a new arts interest. He started a personal research in different kind of arts techniques and art composition (oil and acrylic on canvas, china on paper, collage, photography...). During the year the Artist develop a specific link between the various artworks and their representations. Also the Avola's research is focusing in the way that there is a link in all his artworks in reference to the symbols contained in the artwork itself; for the concept or for the things that the observers can image watching them. His peculiarity is to represent women in surrealistic and dreamy contest. The subject inside significant Symbolisms and Surrealism is growing a complete extend way of women in art. He took inspiration from Bacon and Bellmer all enriched when he listen music. Actually is working on two major projects with the aim to explore his soul. A project where the details of women's shape, surface from an abstract background and a Black and White photo session project where he has the intent to analyze the multiple game of personality that is living inside each one of us; the interior fight and our EGO!


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